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Introducing The Marbleized Clay Collection

“Whenever I’m in Florence I find myself drawn to the incredible paper shops that dot the city’s streets.”

Whenever I’m in Florence I find myself drawn to the incredible paper shops that dot the city’s streets. The tradition of marbleizing reached Europe in the 17th century with Florence quickly becoming the craft’s artisanal center. Storefronts are lined with captivating displays of marbleized paper and many have workshops where artisans continue the tradition of dipping each sheet by hand into mixtures that create original patterns ranging from “a la curve” to combed to pebbled. When it came to designing my Fall home accessories collection, I thought these wildly swirling designs would translate beautifully to ceramics. To achieve the effect, we blended various shades of brown stamped clay, each one mixed by hand meaning no two pieces are exactly alike. In true Florentine tradition, the range is handcrafted in Italy and includes a charger, two bowls, and two vases, all finished with 18k gold edging. Use them not just for decoration but to add a real flourish to a table—they’re food and water safe.

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